As a leading general contractor,MSV cooperates with lots of local and international suppliers. Since, a significant portion of company's value is created through procured materials, products and services from suppliers, it is firmly believed that they can contribute significantly to our profits as well as our ability to delight our clients.

                        Our relationships with suppliers will be sincere, ethical, and embrace the highest principles of procurement practice, and will focus on developing mutual respect and win-win business relationships that benefit all parties.

                        MSV  has identified following expectations from its suppliers as their performance characteristics :

                        •  Quality : Compliance at all times with customer requirements
                        •  Delivery : Meeting exact product and schedule requirements
                        •  Cost : Pricing that contains reasonable profit margins with minimum total cost

                        Unrelenting performance in these three key areas will enable the company and its suppliers to continue to solve its clients' most demanding challenge. MSV recognizes the value of having suppliers who are committed to providing quality goods and services in a timely manner.

                        To introduce your company and scope of supplies to us, please fill out our" Supplier Profile Form".

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