As a leading contractor, MSV works with many domestic and foreign suppliers. Since a large amount of the company's value is related to suppliers' materials, products and services, we strongly believe that suppliers play an important role in profitability and satisfaction." Our relationship with suppliers will be based on honesty, ethics, based on the best principles and experiences, and with a focus on mutual respect and a win-win and profitable business for both parties. 1- Quality: Acceptance of customer quality requirements at any time 2- Delivery: Delivery of the defined product on time 3- Cost: Pricing that leads to a reasonable profit margin with a minimum final cost. Continuous performance in the three areas helps the company and its suppliers to continue to meet customer demand. Suppliers "It is valuable for MSV to be committed to providing the goods on time. To introduce your company and its service areas, please fill out our supplier information form.

Supplier Information Form