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Occupational Health and Safety Policy  MSV Company

The Machine Sazi Vijeh Company with a long history in the field of management and implementation of construction projects, water and sanitation, industrial & health, inside and outside the country has committed itself to the principles of customer focus and meet the needs of the employer is considered here by establish and implement a occupational health and safety assessment series OHSAS18001:2007 and outlines are as follow.

  1.      Implement all of the projects in accordance with occupational health and safety standards in order to increase customer satisfaction.
  2.      Increase the level of knowledge and skills of employees at occupational health and safety executive
  3.     Commitment to prevent and reduce injuries and illness and improve occupational health and safety management system
  4.     Commitment to compliance with legal requirements and other requirements necessary the organization.

In this regard MSV Company has committed to improvement and customer-oriented principles, and working with all our staff in this direction.